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Cliff Hanger and the Big Ape and the Banana Drop is a book from The Adventures of Cliff Hanger by Livingston Dangerously. It's the 3462nd adventure that teaches both the short "a" and "o" and the long "a" sound.


Cliff Hanger is hanging from a cliff and he can't hold on much longer. We find Cliff Hanger where we left him last, hanging from a cliff. Suddenly, below him, Cliff sees a very big ape (which is possibly a gorilla). Quickly, Cliff reaches into his backpack and extracts his trusty survival manual. Using his expert decoding skills, Cliff begins to read. He reads, "When you see a big ape, disguise yourself as a very big banana. Then let yourself drop.". And he does just that. Has brave Cliff Hanger made his escape at last? The ape peels the banana (well, at first he thinks it is a giant banana) and sees Cliff, who thanks him. The confused ape organizes the "banana" and says, "This is not a banana! This is just a man in a banana suit!". Finally, the ape (after finding that the "banana" is not a real banana but a man in a banana suit), he squishes Cliff out of the suit and he lands back on the cliff. Cliff is back to where he started from, and once again he can't hold on much longer.

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