Here is a list of Between the Lions roars that have occurred throughout the Between the Lions seasons.

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Season 1 Edit

  • In Little Big Mouse, a lion roars to the villagers to get away.
  • In What's Cooking? With Theo and Cleo (Season 1 Only), they reached down to the last step that involves cooking the food for a certain (and sometimes very long or short) amount of time, they just say "Nah" and eat it raw and make sounds similar to the sounds Cookie Monster makes when he eats something.
  • In Lionel's Great Escape Trick, three lion family roars to the villagers to get away.
  • In Hug, Hug, Hug!, Leona pretends to be Lovey.
  • In Red Hat, Green Hat, Theo roars to the patrons to shut up.
  • In The Lucky Duck, Cleo roars to the chickens freaked out with a squawk.
  • In The Old Man, Leona roars and runs into Lionel, as she hop into Lionel, and they got bopped.
  • In A King and His Hawk, Theo cries and he blows nose into a tissue and roaring about the poor poor fish.
  • In The Roar That Makes Them Run, A lion roars to the animals to clear. Later, Theo gives to the Lionel, Leona and patrons, a big roar, and everybody panicked and ran away. At the end of this episode, the lions roars to the viewers to run. Walter and Clay Pigeon pretending to roar, and Busterfield said to the pigeons “Please stop” as he yells makes the scared pigeons away.
  • In The Fox and the Crow, Cleo roars to the birds and says "Wait! I've got an idea.".
  • In Giants and Cubs, Lionel is angry, when he growls that he hates the New York Giants.

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