This is a complete list of the funding quotations when Between the Lions was shown on PBS Kids. Over the years, Between the Lions has received funding from quite a few notable and well known partners with now "Viewers Like You" and "Thank You". These are shown off during end of PBS broadcasts or home video releases with the Between the Lions funding bumper. The following companies have or continued to sponsor Between the Lions:

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York (April 3rd, 2000-June 3rd, 2001)
  • Park Foundation (April 3rd, 2000-December 22nd, 2002)
  • The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations (April 3rd, 2000-June 3rd, 2001)
  • Charles H. Revson Foundation (April 3rd, 2000-June 3rd, 2001)
  • Institute for Civil Society (April 3rd, 2000-December 22nd, 2002)
  • (April 3rd,-May 4th, 2000)
  • Cheerios (April 3rd, 2000-June 3rd, 2001)
  • Chick-fil-A (November 2nd, 2001-November 22nd, 2010)
  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions (May 14th,-December 30th, 2006)
  • Ready to Learn Television Cooperative Agreement (April 3rd, 2000-November 22nd, 2010)
  • No Child Left Behind (April 25th, 2005-July 7th, 2006)
  • United States Department of Education (April 3rd, 2000-November 22nd, 2010)
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (April 3rd, 2000-November 22nd, 2010)
  • Barksdale Reading Institute (April 25th, 2005-November 22nd, 2010)
  • Viewers Like You (dropped in Early 2001)

Bumper Transcripts Edit

  • Cleo: Between the Lions is funded in part by...
  • Theo: A Ready to Learn grant from the United States Department of Education.
  • Cleo: Through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
  • Theo: That was great, Cleo.
  • Cleo: Shh! There's more.
  • Theo: Oh.
  • Cleo: Major support for Between the Lions is also provided by...
  • Theo: Contributions to your PBS Station from Viewers Like You.
  • Cleo: Thank You.
  • Theo: And by, The Carnegie Corporation of New York.
  • Cleo: The Park Foundation. Dedicated to educational and quality television.
  • Theo: The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.
  • Cleo: The Charles H. Revson Foundation.
  • Theo: And the Institute for Civil Society.
  • Announcer: There are lot of things would pass along to our kids. The one of the most important of all is a lot of books. Between the Lions is brought to you in part by eToys. Where great ideas come to you.
  • Announcer: And the cow says....
  • Cow: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooo! (Laughing)
  • Announcer: Words just wouldn't be the same without O's. Cheerios. Proud sponsor of Between the Lions and helping children to learn to read.
  • Lionel: And by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you.
  • Leonna: Thank you!
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