Between the Lions: Superheroes

Directed by

Lou Berger

Written by

Joe Fallon

Cast and Puppeteers

Anthony Asbury
Kathryn Mullen
Peter Linz
Jennifer Barnhart
James Woods
Adam West
Jeremy Ratchford
Jim Varney

Release Date

June 13, 2000


WGBH Studios

Distributed by

Universal Studios

Running time

85 minutes

Between the Lions: Superheroes is an American 2000 superhero film that released in June 13, 2000.


It is the first day of the Comic-Con Extravaganza downtown. Frankie Labourdi comes for a visit at the Busterfield Library. The Lion family and Frankie go to the convention. At the convention, they encounter a comic book owner, Zeke, who sells comics, toys and costumes. At the Combats Bots booth, Lionel decides to eat lunch at the cafeteria down the hall with Frankie. Soon afterward, Walter and Clay Pigeon arrive to eat lunch, too. Frankie tells the two that if they find a booth that is the gift shop, they would let the two see what is new. The two set off for the booth. As the approach it, they encounter a shop owner Evelyn who had startled them. Evelyn shows Walter and Clay two new toys, the Saber Slasher action figure and a Panda doll. Walter and Clay agreed. At the movie trailer of the movie The Galloping Gazelle: The Legend Reborn starts, the Masked Mutant showed up. Lionel and Leona fought the Masked Mutant, but he escaped. Theo asked the cubs what had happened, Lionel tells them that he and Leona saw the Masked Mutant disappeared with smoke bombs and the smoke is purple. Cleo realizes that the Masked Mutant had appeared when the movie trailer started. Lionel sets off to find Frankie. Frankie tells Lionel that the Masked Mutant wrote numbers on the smoke bombs. Lionel knows the difference between good and evil. He is then cornered by the Masked Mutant, along with Hydra Man, Electricita, Spinosaurus Man and Earthquake Man, but was saved by the Galloping Gazelle, Lasso Man, Hawk Man, El Bandito and Twister. In the post-credits scene of the film, Saber Slasher hangs out with his friends, Ancient Tool, an action figure, Dark Chimera, an action figure, Garoozis, an action figure and Machine King, an action figure.


Filming Filming began from January 1, 1998 to July 24, 1998.

Home mediaEdit

The film was released on VHS and DVD on April 12, 2001.


  • This was the first film dedicated to Jim Varney.