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Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Otto Lion are Lionel and Leona's aunt and uncle. In the episode "But, Mama, But...," Cleo receives word that Priscilla and Otto have just had three cubs. Cleo takes a trip to help out her relatives who have their paws full with the new cubs.

Presumably, Aunt Priscilla is Cleo's sister and Uncle Otto is Cleo's brother-in-law. The three new cubs would be the maternal cousins of Leona and Lionel.

Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Otto are only mentioned, but are never seen onscreen.


Cleo's Dialogue

  • "Your Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Otto just had 3 brand-new cubs!"
  • "Now, listen, Aunt Priscilla asked me if I would mind flying down to help her for a few days. I told her yes. I'm sure you can manage without me for a few days."